My Story

I am a recent college grad, scratch that, grad student, trying to navigate through the real world. I thought it would be all shiny new things and good fortune but it’s been anything but. My time since graduation has been a huge wake up call that the world doesn’t give a shit about me.

After living in Gettysburg for a year I moved back in with my parents in search of a career. After three months I was back out on my own. I try to make light of my daily trials and tribulations, and somehow this whole adult thing is getting easier every day. Although I still find myself not being taken seriously, or feeling awkward in this world, I keep pushing forward.

Despite all of that I remain positive and hopeful that my life will soon see sunshine and rainbows. I’d like to give support and a sense of lightness to those of us struggling through our twenties. After all, if we don’t stick together we are bound to end up back in our parents basement. (If we aren’t already there)

I have big dreams that tend to clutter my mind as I’m sure many of you do. Express them. What do you have to lose? I know I have my moments where I sound completely crazy. So what? Go forth and don’t give a shit about what other people think of how ridiculous you are.

Update: My persistence led me to a job in travel that is amazing. I’m so excited to learn and grow each day I get up and go to work. I’m making strides in all aspects of my life and hope to help others see their potential!

Never Stop Dreaming



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